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Hillscene Family Medical Centre is taking further precautions for our staff and patients as the WHO have now declared COVID-19 as a pandemic.

If you have returned from overseas since the 1st of Feb 2020 (or have been in contact with anyone who has) and have been experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, and noticeable shortness of breath, don’t go straight to your doctor’s office – that just risks spreading the virus and making more people sick. Call ahead, and ask if you need to be seen and where.

Please isolate yourself and call one of these five established Melbourne Hospitals as they have set up screening clinics:

Austin Hospital 03 94965000
Box Hill Hospital 1300 342 255
The Alfred Hospital 03 90762000
The Royal Melbourne Hospital 03 93427568
Monash Clayton 03 95946666  


If you are exhibiting the symptoms, or think that you are, please DO NOT go to your GP practice. We are only equipped to take care of primary health concerns.

Take the necessary protective precautions (self-isolation, wearing a mask, etc) and go straight to a hospital near you, if needed. They are more extensively trained and equipped to properly deal with outbreaks such as this.

This reduces the risk of spread and protects not only yourself, but your family members and the general public.

If you have any doubts or concerns, please call your GP practice to clarify the proper course of action before coming in.

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Hillscene Family Medical Centre has been improving its look and services since Jan 2020. We are happy to present the new logo and clinic facade beginning March 2020. We look forward to a new and improved year ahead with continuous improvements to quality of service, and we appreciate the support of all our patients.