Fernando Alves

Qualifications: B.App.Sc, M.Pod.P

Language proficiency:English

Professional interests: Sports Injury Management & Rehabilitation, Geriatric Podiatry

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Michel Ross

Qualifications: Clinical Psychologist

Language proficiency: English

Hobbies & personal interests: Yoga, Martial Arts

Vicky Gomez

“Seal of expertise and promise of results with a personal approach to nutrition”

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Master of Nutrition & Dietetics, Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition, Sports & FODMAP

Language proficiency: English

Professional interests: Weight Loss, Gut Health, Diabetes & IGT (Pre-Diabetes), PCOS, Heart Disease, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Management, Vegetarian/Vegan Diets, Paediatric Nutrition

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